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Rev6 yeni tasarım ve özellikleri ile güncellendi! Tamamen Silkroad'a özel tanıtım platformunun ayrıcalığını yaşayın!
Everest Online 80 Cap Only Ch New Event Job Based Drop System 21.07.2023
Duyuru Alanı Satın Al
Açılış Tarihi
Server Adı

BackTo40s Online

  • Cap
    140 Cap
  • Irk
    CH & EU
  • Free Silk
  • Zorluk Seviyesi
  • Zorluk Seviyesi
  • Exp Rate
    1 x
  • SP Rate
    1 x
  • Drop Rate
    1 x
  • Topluluk

BackTo40s Online - 40 Cap Deneyimi

Hello folks out there! Our team has created a Level Cap 40 and Item Degree 5 server.
We aim to bring together all the silkroad players and build a strong community. We will keep you alive with old silkroad nostalgia while enjoying our games with the innovative features we added. Our priority is to act according to your wishes and create a community that cares about you..Our goal is to provide a stable server by doing our best and to help your Beta test is very important to us. We sincerely hope to make "Backto40s" a long-running server with many players.

BackTo40s the server is not set up to make money, only small things are paid for our expenses. This server is prepared for fun with friends, so we do not force you to make donations that will push you into the overwhelming competition. Our game is smooth and at the same time fair and balanced. It's true that there are many Servers, I personally think we are one of the best servers, use it on another Server You will not feel as comfortable as in BackTo40s. As you know, many servers just pay you. There are different events where you can earn silk with BackTo40s experience. Let's move on to the features of the server.

We decided to make restrictions in areas that we think might be unfair at some points in order to continue the competition and contention in the game more fairly..

Website Facebook Discord

Grand Opening 08/11/2021 
- 21:00 UTC +3

Beta Opening 03/11/2021 - 21:00 UTC +3

We wanted to give you a good boost in your journey, so we added you some precious items that you will find in your inventory, als it will help you in the beginning.
The starting items are as follows. The grab pet given at the beginning is permanent and is 3 days old.

"Backto40s" The stacks valid on our server are as follows.

Customized Alchemy,First of all, we have no limits.

Magic Pop" system will be active on our server, but it will not serve you at full capacity. We think that it is not right to obtain any weapons, clothing or jewelry through this system in order to maintain balance in our game. In short, you can only get items like Immortal and Gold Dragon Flag through this system. You can also obtain "Magic Pop Card" from Uniques.

All cities enabled.
Jangan - Downhang - Hotan - Samarkand - Constaninople

To make you remember isro, we added original caravan pets.

Bandit Return Scroll - 5 Minute > 2.5 Minute

Avatars and Devil Spirit have been disabled.

Added level 40 mobs instead of all mobs over 40 Lvl.

We added much items in the more shop NPC,located at Downhang.

Great Trader - Sadu

Sick Lady - Arwen

Kid Alchemist - Henry

Only Rank

Unique History
We created you this window that will show you uniques current states, alive or dead, killer name if dead, and action time.

Events Schedule
What else would be doing in the game rather than playing events! We created you this window that will show events schedules order by the most recent to take place.

Extra useful end-game options.

All products on sale and their prices.

Important adjustments were made. It might be helpful to review them all.

Chinese skills
All Chinese buff duration 50 minutes.

Bicheon mastery
Billow Chain
- Increase 5% Divison 4 Level (8 Seconds)
- Increase 5% Dull 4 Level (12 Seconds)

Blood Chain
- Increase 10% Impotent 4 Level (10 Seconds)

Heuksal mastery
Ghost Spear Petal - Increase Knock back 30%
Jade Breaking Spear - Increase 15% Dull 4 Level (6 Seconds)

Bow mastery
3 Arrow combo - Increase Knock back 30%
Strong Bow Spirit - Increase Stun 4 Level 25% (4 Seconds)

Force mastery
We probably did a full remap so that the Chinese Forces mastery would be a viable option.

All 4th level skills have been reduced to 1st level.

Warrior Mastery
Screen skills disabled.
Pain Quota - Damage disperse rate 45% > 35%
Physical Fence - Physical damage absorption 36% > 30%
Magical Fence - Magical damage absorption 36% > 30%
One-Handed Arms - Phy. atk. pwr. 40% > 37%
Two-Handed Arms - Phy. atk. pwr. 39% > 37%
Dual Arms - Phy. atk. pwr. 40% > 37%

Rogue Mastery
Crossbow power up - Phy. atk. pwr. 40% > 37%
Dagger power up - Phy. atk. pwr. 40% > 37%

Wizard Mastery
Earth Spirit - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%
Cold Spirit - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%
Fire Spirit - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%
Lightning Spirit - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%

Warlock Mastery
Added skill Courage Raze - 50% 20 Sec.
Dark Seed - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%
Physical Raze - Probalitiy 80% 30 Sec. > 50% 20 Sec.
Medical Raze - Probalitiy 80% 30 Sec. > 50% 20 Sec.
Combat Raze - Probalitiy 80% 30 Sec. > 50% 20 Sec.
Daze - Probalitiy 80% > 50%
Fog Sight - Probalitiy 80% 30 Sec. > 50% 20 Sec.
Slumber - Probalitiy 80% 30 Sec. > 50% 20 Sec.
Wheel Bind - Probalitiy 80% > 50%

Bard Mastery
Vibration - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%
Guard Tambour - Phy. damage absorption 26% > 23%
Mana Tambour - Mag. damage absorption 26% > 23%
Dancing of Valor - Phy. damage 18% > 15%
Dancing of Magic - Mag. damage 18% > 15%
Dancing of Healing - Hp Heal Amount Received 18% > 15%

Cleric Mastery
Heavenly Rage - Mag. atk. pwr 40% > 37%



Bu çılgın deneyime hepiniz davetlisiniz :D

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