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Rev6 yeni tasarım ve özellikleri ile güncellendi! Tamamen Silkroad'a özel tanıtım platformunun ayrıcalığını yaşayın!
Everest Online 80 Cap Only Ch New Event Job Based Drop System 21.07.2023
Duyuru Alanı Satın Al
Açılış Tarihi
Server Adı


  • Cap
    80 Cap
  • Irk
  • Free Silk
  • Zorluk Seviyesi
  • Zorluk Seviyesi
  • Exp Rate
    100 x
  • SP Rate
    100 x
  • Drop Rate
    5 x


[*]As we promised you in the previous opening, we kept the server online for over 5 months! with less than 20 online players online. Server was stable for 3 complete months! no down time or even restart, this is what we aim for in this opening! We need all your support to bring back the great memories of the best era of Silkroad Online. We won't promise you a new experience because people don't need new experience, people need to feel the nostalgia of Silkroad, and this is our promises. We promise you to bring back the nostalgia of Silkroad Online.

[*]We are promsing to present something different. We promise to deliver a stable long-term game, unlike the others that kept promsing and lied, the people who kept relaunching just to suck money out of you, we only asking you for a chance and we will prove our good intetions. We want to bring back the golden era of the 11 degree. 

[*]When it came to the systems, we thought of making some extremely unique, offbeat and integrated features that will make you jump out of your skin because it is totally a bolt from the blue, we changed the mainstream idea about the degree 11 servers which are all based on Alexandria, we made an absolutely new experience for all of you, adding Baghdad with all those new systems will be an extraordinary adventure for you!


[*]We understand the immportance of the beta phase, it decides wither the grand open is successful or not, so, we decided to start our beta phase at 07/06 for 7 days we will test everything, and to make sure all beta testers that shows efforts in the testing. We promise to reward the active players during the beta with silk up to 1000 silk.


[*]Grand open time is a big deal, we didn't choose a random day for the dates, we decided to pick a suitable day for everyone which is 14/06. the exact hour will be decided during the beta. Make sure to join the discord to stay updated with all news.


[GALLERY=title: OFFICIAL TRAILER][*]video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqU4fglP70s



You will start with free boost items to help you in the leveling up journy, use them wisely.


Skill Point|100,000
Return Scroll|20x
Reverse Scroll|11x
Inventory|3 pages
Pick Pet|3 Days.


Races|EU & CH
Server Files|VSRO Files.
Skills|All Working.
Pets|All working.
Item Mall|Fully working.
Battle Arena|Enabled
Fortress |Hotan FW.
Advanced elixir|Enabled.
Max Opt.|+15 (ADV)
CH Mastery|330
PC (HWID)| 4
CTF Limit| 1
Battle Arena| 1
FW Limit| 1
PVP Limit| 1
JOB Limit| 2
Guild Limit| 24
Union Limit| 2
Silk/H| 1/Hour


PT EXP|350x


Exchange| 40 sec
Stall| 60 seconds
Logout & Restart| 20 seconds
Global Chat| 60 seconds
Reverse(JOB MODE)| 60 seconds
Berserk| 20 seconds

Auto Equipment
We know how hard for you to start your journey in the leveling up with the npc gear, so we decided to gear you up with sun items. You will get sun full blue items from the 1st till the 9th degree. It should be enough to fight at Alexandria.

How to obtain SOX items?
Why would we change silkroad sox system if we want original gaming experience? we kept the original methods of obtaining sox which is;
[*]10D Sun: Drop from all monsters Lv 90~100 
[*]11D Nova: Drop from all monsters Lv 101~110
[*]Egy A Weapon: From completing FGW talismans.
[*]Egy A Shield: Dropping from the FGW boss monster.
[*]Egy Armor: From killing job uniques and collecting its coins.
[*]Egy Accessories: Can be purchased with arena coins.


Capture The Flag
WE adjusted capture the flag rewards to make more players interesting to join and have a good time. You can get much useful items like;

[*]Reverse Scrolls
[*]Global Chat
[*]Angel Wing Avatar

Honor Buff
People were complaining about the original Honor Buff system that we had in the previous opening, so we are thrilled to announce our new Honor Buff system.
You can now obtain Honor Buff by jobbing, how?
We have the regular 4 Honor Buffs [King - Gold - Silver - Bronze] Doing more job activities will gain you job EXP, depending on these EXP our system will grantee you the Honor Buff.



NOTE: each job category has his own buffs, so there will be 5 king buffs for thief and 5 for trade, 5 for hunter etc..

Job Room
To make job more intense and interesting for all players, and to make it more enjoyable. We added a new 6 rooms which will be spawning Jupiter Uniques, to enter these rooms you must equip your job suit. Shall the eternal battle begin.
What's special in these rooms?
Well, each unique will drop a certain fair amount of arena coins. Also, it will drop a fair amount of silk 50~150, the spawn time of each unique is 5 hours. So with estimation, there will be a unique appearing every 50 minutes!

Job Temple
In the previous server, we haven't touched the Uniques int the Job Temple, but, we thought maybe we can add interesting drops so people may be interested to enter it and have more fun.
Killing the Job Temple Uniques will now drop you 5 immortal stones each beside the regular coins.

Regular Jobbing
Regular Jobbing is when you deliver trade, help deliver trade or steal one and deliver it safely to the thieves zone. After a successful delivery you will receive a fair amount of iron coins.
Those iron coins are used to purchase a stunning items from the special NPC located at Hotan

We adjusted the alchemy just like old times, its kinda fun, interesting and a bit hard. From plus (1) to plus (5) its a bit normal just like ISRO, plus (6/7) has 100% success rate, plus (8) is kinda hard 20% success rate, plus (9/10/11) has 100% success rate, the last 2 pluses (12/13) is the hard challenge.

Chinese Balancing
We added passive skill to all weapons masteries, you can open it at Lv 110. It gives you enough power to fight against the European race. Remember that you can open one passive skill even if you're playing dual.

[SPOILER=Skill Sample]

Uniques & Drops
To make it a bit challenging for the players we added some interesting drops to all uniques starting from Tiger Girl and ending with Medusa.

[*]All uniques drops (Reverse / Astral / Immortal Stones).
[*]Medusa drops 3x (100) silk scroll / (5) Immortal Stones.
[*]HWT Uniques drops ( Gold coins / Iron coins / Silver Coins).
[*]Job Temple Uniques drops ( 5 Immortal stones / Gold, Silver & Iron Coins).
[*]Jupiter Uniques drops (25 Arena coins / 50~150 Silk).

[*]Battle Arena starts every 1 hours [Winner = 10 A.C / Lose = 4 A.C].
[*]You can teleport to Alex from Lv 1.
[*]Added over 20 new avatars at item mall.

Hide & Seek
An old event which has a great taste of using your intuition, The bot is going to hide and it will ask you to find them, It will reveal some details about it's location , and you will have to know where is the bot hidden, the first one that locates him will receive a some silks.

Search & Destroy
The bot will spawn a bloodthirsty unique somewhere in the map and it will provide some hits regarding the unique's location, all you got to do is to search and slay that unique so you'll be able to be the victor and win the prize.

Lucky Lottery
You are going to choose whether to risk or not, it is either a daring adventure or nothing at all, once you decide to risk your wealth while in order to gain even more resources you'll have the courage to sign up for such an event, furthermore, once bot announces the lottery event's inauguration you have to send a private message to our bot with Register(Lottery), the bot will charge you a fine of 20 silks, hence the bot is going to pick randomly a winner and he will be given a huge reward depending on the participants count, you are able to register more than once in order to increase your opportunity of being the victor.

Alchemy Event
It is an event where everything is based on your fortune, a lot of players like to try their luck, so we have made an event that provides a fantastic challenge that proves your luck and enchanting skill, Our bot will write an announcement as soon as the event begins, you have to register for the event then start attempting to enchant the item that you are required to enchant, the one that gets the wanted enchantment level first will be announced as the fastest one to fulfill the event's request and that player will be the winner.

Trivia (Unscramble words)
A great daily quiz that demands a high number of vocabulary and intelligent , The bot will write a BLUE notice with scrambled word, you have to re-arrange it and send it to him, be fast to be able to win.

Trivia (Questions)
It's an event that requires your interpretation and distinguishing skills, The bot will write a BLUE notice asking you a question, and you have to pm BOT with the correct answer, ofcourse the fastest message will be the winner.

Unique Event
The bot will announce the unique event 5 minutes before it starts, it is usually held in order to give a boost for our beginners, multiple uniques will appear and you have to kill them to gain silk & drops.

Last Man Standing
Prepare yourselves for a truly extraordinary brawl experience, it requests the will of exposing your merciless force that devastates everything, It is a crucial moment where you have to fight for supremacy at the battle utilizing your strategy, cleverness, and subversive power so you can be able to murder everyone and push yourself to victory, once the event is on, all you have to do is to send a private message to our bot. He will send the register instructions. 


We know how important to build connection bridge with all players, so we decided to make an interesting thing, joining our discord will reward you with silk! yes, you saw that right. After entering our discord write a comment here on the thread with your discord name and we will write down your name on the list, you will receive 100 silk just for joining, don't forget that you can get another 100 silk from the signature, that's 200 silk free baby with 2 mouse clicks!


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